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corso di lingua italiana



In the teaching of all languages we follow the directives of the Modern Languages Project of the Council of Europe.

Our teaching method is highly communicative although focusing on the use of the four skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking.
The lessons may include taking the students into shops, cafés and other places where they can interact with the local people.

We tend to focus on presenting topics linked to a specific grammar point and  some reading practice in the first part of the lessons and develop listening and conversational skills in the second part.  Some lessons may be held outdoors, at the market, in a café or other environment suitable for the development of vocabulary and fluency.

Our teachers are fully qualified to teach Italian as a foreign language and as a second language.


A level test is required unless you are a true beginner, to assess entry level and enable us to form groups that share the same knowledge of the Italian language, the same starting point. The complete level test will be taken on the first day of the course.


We supply the students with all the didactic material necessary for the classes. (Depending on the length of the course, the material may consist of a text book or handouts or both)


Our classes range from a minimum of 5 to maximum 10 students, with an average of 6 or 8. Our courses for groups are INTENSIVE. Or other chosen by the participants. Individual lessons are organized in packages of 9 or 18 hours and can be renewed until the desired level is reached. We wish to give our students all the attention, that will lead to excellent results.



Our courses for foreign university students usually follow our methodology and syllabus depending on student level and length of course.

Together with the university we may decide on length of the course, class timetable, total number of hours.

Corso di italiano ad Arezzo
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